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Is President Obama Afraid of Rachel Maddow?

The Super Bowl is undoubtedly the United States’ largest annual sporting event. The football brawl is a day for most Americans to relax with friends, consume massive amounts of calories and yell at the tv. The game and all of the hype leading up to it have become one of the country’s most revered and respected traditions. During Super Bowl week, it’s also sufficient to say that lots of other news stories take a back seat to pre-game postulation.

But one interesting event is starting to become something of a tradition on Super Bowl night is political in nature. For the second time Fox News prime-time host Bill O’Reilly landed a major interview with President Barack Obama. Including an appearance on the O’Reilly Factor with then-candidate Obama, Sunday’s brawl marked the third time the President has interviewed with the cable news mogul. As Washington Post writer Dana Milbank notes, the most interesting take-away from this latest installment was much less about Obama, and more about growing mistrust within the country’s right flank.

This was O’Reilly’s third such session with Obama — and as such it served as a milepost on the conservative movement’s road to Obama hysteria. O’Reilly’s first sitdown with Obama, in 2008, was a lengthy and affectionate encounter. The second meeting, another Super Bowl interview in 2011, had its share of interruptions, but there was lighthearted banter and the questions were more neutral (“What is it about the job that has surprised you the most?”).

But this time, O’Reilly gave only a passing pleasantry at the end (“I think your heart is in the right place”) and otherwise was hostile from the start. He leaned forward in his seat, waving his pen and pointing his finger at the president. He shook his head doubtfully at some of Obama’s answers.

No doubt the Fox News viewers got what they wanted from the session. But there’s a whole other viewership that the President seems to be ignoring out there… the one that is left-of-center. By contrast to O’Reilly, MSNBC’s lead anchor Rachel Maddow has had only one session with candidate Barack Obama, and has NEVER been granted an interview during his Presidency. That’s right folks… arguably the most Progressive voice on television has been locked out of the White House for over 5 years.

One can only speculate the reason for this. Perhaps it has to do with the known fact that Bill O’Reilly’s program is the highest rated in Prime-time cable news. But if that were the case, then why would the President grant interviews to Jake Tapper at CNN, whose program is much lower than Maddow? Ratings has little or nothing to do with the decision. Or perhaps Maddow’s first and only interview was a bit too harsh for Obama to take. But then why would he even deal with O’Reilly??

Regardless of reason, this losing streak for Maddow needs to end. This country is more than just Conservatives and Independents… Progressives are just as American as anyone else, and we deserve to have our issued discussed with the President and American public too. I call upon President Obama to grant Rachel Maddow an interview this year. Whether it turns into a ‘Super Brawl’ or not… this interview is LONG overdue.

Bill O’Reilly’s LIES about NBC/ MSNBC Drone Coverage

The O’Reilly factor remains the number one cable news show on television (at least according to Neilsen ratings, which doesn’t account for online viewership). His ratings beat any of the shows on MSNBC or CNN. He’s the “top dog”.

Knowing this is why it’s simply inexcusable for Mr. O’Reilly to continue to LIE about the dedicated journalism of NBC News (of which MSNBC and NBC News are inextricably linked) with regard to American drone strikes. O’Reilly claims DIRECTLY that NBC News has been mum on drone strikes. He accuses NBC News directly of protecting the President, and asks “why aren’t they speaking out” about drones.

This is complete and utter nonsense. NBC News has been relentless in their criticism of the Obama Administration’s drone program, and the very scary issues regarding it. The proof is out in the real world for all of YouTube to see. So I’ve decided to provide a little compendium of the drone coverage.

From my recollection, here’s Rachel Maddow’s first story covering the drone war… aired December 5th, 2009

And further coverage of Maddow discussing the death of Anwar Al-Awlaki and Samir Khan by drone strike. She’s openly criticizing the Obama Administration because Al-Awlaki and Khan were American citizens. This was in 2011…

Oh, and nevermind that Ms. Maddow’s book Drift discusses drone strikes as a central tennet of military privitization.

And then of course, Tuesday night… when Ms. Maddow interviewed Michael Isikoff after he obtained classified documents on the drone strikes.

So it’s time for Bill O’Reilly to come clean and simply admit that he lied to his viewers. With all of the coverage that NBC News and MSNBC have done about drone strikes, there is NO POSSIBLE WAY that the educated and informed staff of the O’Reilly Factor could have missed Rachel Maddow’s criticism of the Obama Administration on this. The jig is up O’Reilly… and we are calling you out.

Bill O’Reilly said “what” about birth control?

A very interesting clip from 2008. Fox News host Bill O’Reilly, responding to a John McCain interview with Planned Parenthood, defends the use of Viagra for men as a legitimate health issue, while saying that a woman’s use of birth control is a “choice”.

Is anyone else tired of these ridiculous double standards??

Fox News on Gas Prices– 2008

Part of the beauty of living in Social Media world is that the past can truly live forever. Many on Fox News have been quick to blame the Obama Administration for somehow causing rising gas prices. But back in 2008, as this poignant reminder from Media Matters shows, they were singing a different tune. Some of the commentators even advocate for GOVERNMENT spending on things like Public Transportation, and more fuel-efficient vehicles. Wha-huh?? What a shame that they’ve decided to be so hypocritical now…