Final Bow?? San Antonio Symphony To Suspend Operations Next Week

Since the 1880s, the citizens of San Antonio and South Texas have demonstrated their love and appreciation for classical, symphonic music.  And since 1939, those artistic endeavors have culminated in the San Antonio Symphony.  But after months of uncertainty and painful negotiations, residents of the Alamo City are receiving some heartbreaking news today.  From Nicholas Frank of The Rivard Report, here’s the story…

The Symphony Society of San Antonio said late Wednesday it would cancel the remaining portion of the San Antonio Symphony’s 2017-18 season following this weekend’s Tricentennial Celebration concerts, set for Friday and Saturday.

The failure to resolve management issues and complete negotiations with the musicians’ union means that nearly two-thirds of the symphony’s season – more than four dozen concerts, by a count of performances on its website – will not occur. The orchestra’s current calendar lists performances through June 10.

“[Twenty] weeks of work in a 30-week season have just been wiped out of existence. This is only week 10,” Craig Sorgi, negotiating chair for the Musicians of the San Antonio Symphony, wrote in a text to the Rivard Report. 

Another big thanks to The Rivard Report, whose coverage of this situation has been invaluable to local and statewide readers.

Though Symphony leaders pledge that the suspension of this season does not signal the end of the San Antonio Symphony, it’s hard to imagine what their future looks like at this point.

Sadly, tragedies like this one are nothing new.  Orchestras and other arts organizations across the country have struggled to stay open, with many that have yet to fully recover from severe financial crisis of 2008.  As patrons from the older generation fades, the Arts world continues to seek new sources of revenue.  But at the end of the day, those efforts may not be enough.

If there is an alternative resolution, let’s hope San Antonio can find it soon.

And a reminder… PLEASE support your local Arts organizations!!  We need them to not only survive, but to thrive!!


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