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Before the University of Houston GOP Debate

In February of 2016, It’s no surprise that the political world is at a frenzy right now.  But what is different for those in the University of Houston community?  That frenzy has taken over the campus this week.  Set for Thursday, February 25th, the Republican Party’s Super Tuesday’ Debate will be held at UH’s Moores Opera House. Even before the candidates arrive, the debate has caused a firestorm across Houston as party faithful, students and media all try to land coveted tickets into the 800-seat venue.  With the race cut down from an historic 17 candidates to just 5 remaining, this week’s debate could prove a pivotal turning point in the GOP contest.

So the Republican candidates we be at the University of Houston.  But, will the candidates have an opportunity to actually see the University of Houston?  If so, maybe they would be quite surprised by what is going on around them.  The institution is much more than a stage… it’s a window into America’s future.

Perhaps they would see that, as the Number 2 most racially/ethnically diverse university in the nation, people of different races, ethnicities, backgrounds and faiths really can live, work and play together without fear or suspicion of what they don’t always understand.  Maybe, instead of calling for a wall on our Southern border, or a ban of all Muslims into the country, they would see that diversity forms an important asset to the UH community.

Perhaps they would see an institution that not only educates, but supports undocumented students and families.  One that believes “all Texas high school graduates should enjoy equal access to our state universities and the opportunity to obtain a college education, becoming better informed and more productive contributors to our community,”.

Maybe they would even see a campus that not only supports the LGBT community, but stands up for full equality even when it’s not convenient.

UH Before Debate

Make no mistake… it’s a distinct honor for UH to become just the third site in Texas to host any form of Presidential debate.  But even better would be if the university’s value could have some role as well.

In any event, Texas will be watching.


Texoblogosphere: Week of November 3rd

The Texas Progressive Alliance hopes everyone took advantage of their opportunity to vote as it brings you this week’s roundup.

Off the Kuff noted that one way to improve turnout in municipal elections is to hold them in even-numbered years.

Libby Shaw at Texas Kaos and contributing to Daily Kos calls out Republican lawmakers for their cowardice in failing to pass a viable budget that will actually pay for things. TX Prop 7: GOP Asks Voters to Rob Peter to pay Paul.

SocraticGadfly notes that, unless the Clinton Foundation completes a massive accounting cleanup in just two more weeks, Hillary (and the other Clintons) could face a problem far worse than her email server or Trey Gowdy, and that would be the IRS.

CouldBeTrue of South Texas Chisme wants the world to see the 27 immigrant women standing up for themselves at Hutto immigration center.

A few late-breaking developments in Houston’s forthcoming elections were posted by PDiddie at Brains and Eggs.

Neil at All People Have Value took a picture of recent high water in Houston. Everyday life is interesting. All People Have Value is part of NeilAquino.com.


And here are some posts of interest from other Texas blogs.

The TSTA Blog ponders the end of the standardized testing regime.

RG Ratcliffe names and excoriates the main climate villain at Exxon.

Patrick Michels analyzes Texas high school graduation data.

Paradise in Hell grades the latest GOP debate.

Better Texas Blog highlights the second year of modest rate increases for the Texas health insurance marketplace.


And one final question….


You VOTED Yet??  

Music Musings: Taylor Swift ft. Kendrick Lamar ‘Bad Blood’

Say whatever you want about the one and only Taylor Swift.  No seriously go ahead, because she’s probably heard it all before.

At the definitive age of 25, the pop star has become a music industry titan to rival that of the very best in record sales, fan armies influence and almost every other metric.  Though she first hit the main stage in the Country genre, Taylor Swift has managed a crossover so successful that it can only be compared to those with last names like Jackson, Carey, or… Swift.

With all these facts out there, I still have to make a confession… I’m not the biggest Taylor Swift fan.  Though I have respect for her songwriting skills, her albums are generally not my kind of music. You’re probably not going to find me screaming “I’m feeling twenty-twooooo” at the concert.

So how you ask does Taylor Swift land a fair-weather fan like me??  By landing epic rap phenom Kendrick Lamar as a feature on the song Bad Blood.   Again, there’s those uncanny song construction skills on full display.  Take a great hook, and combine it with one of the best rappers in music today?  You get summer jam that pleases every audience.

After all the Bad Blood spilled in yesterday’s first GOP Primary debate, the song seems especially appropriate.  So yeah, I’m gonna let this jam on my summer playlist.

Bad Blood