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Music Musings: Taylor Swift ft. Kendrick Lamar ‘Bad Blood’

Say whatever you want about the one and only Taylor Swift.  No seriously go ahead, because she’s probably heard it all before.

At the definitive age of 25, the pop star has become a music industry titan to rival that of the very best in record sales, fan armies influence and almost every other metric.  Though she first hit the main stage in the Country genre, Taylor Swift has managed a crossover so successful that it can only be compared to those with last names like Jackson, Carey, or… Swift.

With all these facts out there, I still have to make a confession… I’m not the biggest Taylor Swift fan.  Though I have respect for her songwriting skills, her albums are generally not my kind of music. You’re probably not going to find me screaming “I’m feeling twenty-twooooo” at the concert.

So how you ask does Taylor Swift land a fair-weather fan like me??  By landing epic rap phenom Kendrick Lamar as a feature on the song Bad Blood.   Again, there’s those uncanny song construction skills on full display.  Take a great hook, and combine it with one of the best rappers in music today?  You get summer jam that pleases every audience.

After all the Bad Blood spilled in yesterday’s first GOP Primary debate, the song seems especially appropriate.  So yeah, I’m gonna let this jam on my summer playlist.

Bad Blood