Music Musings: Johnny Mathis

There is no singer in music today quite like Johnny Mathis.  Born in Texas and raised on the West Coast, his golden Baritone voice has rang across popular music for nearly six decades.  With 350 million records sold across the world, Mathis is one of the most successful singers of the 21st century.  Perhaps best known as a balladeer from early hits like Chances Are and It’s Not For Me To Say,  this versatile artist has performed everything from Jazz and R&B to Country and Disco music.

As a teenager, he studied opera and classical voice, which is easy to tell given his long, prosperous career and consistently healthy vocal technique.  In an era where so many young artists wear out their voice and are forced to endure costly and risky voice surgery, Johnny Mathis is a great example how proper training can last a lifetime.  He maintains a robust tour schedule even today!!

Here is the original of Johnny singing his hit song Misty, recorded in 1958…

And here he is singing the same song live, in 2014…

Indeed, Johnny Mathis is a true original.  Make sure to see this great artist if he comes to your area.


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9 thoughts on “Music Musings: Johnny Mathis”

  1. First saw Johnny Mathis live in Chicago at the age of 18 and nearly married. My husband and I have seen him in concert at least 10 times wherever we have lived. We are now 79 and 74 . Johnny will also be 79 on Sept, 30 this year. Phenomenal career. Has sustained his wonderful voice with great care through out his illustrious career. He still continues to tour every year . There is no other voice that can even compare to his. Sings in many lanagues and is beloved through out the world. His career is coming up on 60 yrs. soon and he so deserves all the awards he has been presented. We are so hoping he will be nominated for the prestigious Kennedy Center Honor’s in 2014-2015. If you are a follower of Johnny Mathis come join us at Johnny Mathis-Chances Are group-KCH group on fb. We are over 900 members now within about 11 months. You might also nominate Johnny for KCH if nominations are still being accepted at this time. It only takes a minute.We are a cordial fun loving positive group. You will enjoy all the songs and videos and live concerts contributed by many long, long time fans of his to those younger fans who grew up hearing his music played by their family members. Unbelievable pure voice quality is yours to enjoy anytime you want to on your playlist. And the pictures and videos are beautiful. No negativity in our group only beautiful music.
    Barbara Matson-Nytko

    1. Thank you Barbara for posting that. I pray that Carolyn Kennedy will appreciate what JM has done to preserve his health, voice and talent for the benefit of his devoted listeners. He loves to bring the joy of music to us as his mom and dad worked to bring the love of music to him.

  2. Have been a fan for 55years and agree wholeheartedly with all that is said in the above article,,,Never has been and never will be such a wonderful singer and also such a genuine nice person as,,,JOHNNY MATHIS!!!

  3. It was a truly magical experience when my
    Wife and I thoroughly enjoyed his performance at the Ocean Grove auditorium this past Saturday. We have seen on a number of occasions previously and it is truly remarkable how he sounded better than ever. He makes every song his own whether it be with Gina made famous by Frankie Avalon to a movie theme such as Stranger in Paradise. It is difficult to find a better description than to quote an individual who is revered as the greatest living songstress ; namely, Barbara Streisand who said the following ” There are some good singers, there are a few great singers, and then there is Johnny Mathis”. I have recently nominated him for the KCH and wholeheartedly hope he is recognized!!

  4. Who doesn’t love this amazing, kindest, gentle, Living American Singing Legend! A 59 in years Mathis fan and counting down or up to infinity!
    Thanking Johnny Mathis for every note sung!

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