Tex-o-blog-o-sphere: Blog news 3/22/13

Here are some great reads from other Texas and Houston-area bloggers…

Charles Kuffner at Off the Kuff is examining the fate of the near-defunct North Forest ISD. Will the district fall into the hands of KIPP charter schools, or will it be managed by HISD? Either decision is sure to be very emotional.

Perry Dorrell at Brains and Eggs is covering the unique story of a Fort Bend County Tea Party Patriot that used to be an American fascist. First the Tea Partiers give us Todd “legitimate rape” Akin, Foster “acid between the legs” Friess, and now Jim “heil Hitler” Ives? The gifts really do just keep coming!

Stace Medellin at Dos Centavos is totally not impressed with State Senator Dan Patrick… especially when he tries to remove cultural History electives from Texas schools. Apparently, Patrick’s idea of educational choice is choosing to be LESS educated.

I’m getting ready for Houston’s Chapter 42 fight coming in April. And I must say, I was very happy to get some feedback from the Mayor’s Office on the issue, and will be sure to add their comments to my post when received.

And one more thing… I’ve actually conducted the Texas Leftist blog’s first interview!! Be on the lookout for it next week. Ok, and I need to figure out what exactly the Texas Progressive Alliance is. Hey, give me a break… I’m still relatively new to the blog world!!

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