Get Schooled: The Truth on Texas Education Funding

As the Texas legislative session continues to tick away, many people in the state are becoming worried about Texas Schools, which took a $5 Billion dollar funding cut from the 2011 session thanks to the GOP. While some have been pandering to angry voters saying that they would “consider” restoring some of the funds, no significant action has taken place yet… save for a few brave Democrats like State Senator Wendy Davis consistently discussing the issue.

And now, two years later, Texans are bearing the consequences with 10,000 fewer teachers in the classroom, but 64,000 more kids to educate. That results in over-crowded classes and resources that are stretched to the bone for the many districts that were already having to do more with less. Even as Governor Perry boasts about an $11 Billion dollar “surplus”, he hasn’t pledged one penny to restore the cuts he made when the state budeget was at a deficit. Texas families are getting fed up.

Enter the group One Texas PAC… an advocacy group dedicated to electing Latino leaders… with this new video showing the truth at how those 2011 cuts have harmed our state’s children. This is worth watching by everyone just to catch up. You can also sign the petition on

ICYMI: The Move to a Blue Texas picks up steam

After being inundated with with the Conservative rantings at CPAC this week, here’s an event that got far less press coverage, but it is just as important. As a lone Liberal voice in the Washington wilderness, the Center for American Progress gave the most in-depth analysis of how to shift the red tide in Texas. The keynote speaker for the forum was US Congressman Joaquin Castro, and he spoke the absolute truth about how Texas presents many real opportunities for Democratic growth.

Followed by the Congressman’s comments was an expert panel that discussed these opportunities, as well as the challenges that probably lay ahead for groups like Battleground Texas. Those challenges may be large, but they’re definitely conquerable.

Finally… the Turn Texas Blue movement is getting the right kind of attention from the national Democratic base. If you missed this during CPAC blunder, be sure to check it out, and share with as many people as possible.