“Misleading” Fox News Tweet?

No, really. So now Fox News is using it’s subliminal game to suggest that President Obama “engaged in improper behavior” in 2008…

But the story that links to the tweet is about Obama’s choice for Iraq ambassador who has withdrawn from the post amid an alleged scandal. Also important to note that the nominee in question, Mr. Brett McGurk, worked for the Bush administration in 2008, when the scandal would have taken place.

So come on Fox News… why mislead your Twitter followers to suggest the President himself behaved inappropriately in Iraq. Everyone makes mistakes, but can you at least CORRECT them.

Full disclosure… I’ve asked them to correct the issue twice. Let’s hope they do.

Blake Farenthold: 16-yrs old “have a say” in illegal immigration

This morning on CNN, US Congressman Blake Farenthold was pressed by Soledad O’Brien on why Congress has failed to act so often on Immigration reform. He insists that they have “acted”… after all, refusing to do anything is an action I guess.

But listen to the conversation they have around 1:20… he believes that if a child is 16, they “have a say” in whether or not to emigrate with their parents. Granted 16-yr old children are capable of a lot of things like what movies to see over the weekend or what to eat for lunch, but in the big decisions, I’m not sure I agree here.

What’s most “disturbing” about this… Rep. Farenthold’s district is on the US/Mexican Border at Brownsville, TX. Many people that emigrate illegally to the US aren’t just doing it for work permits. For some of them it’s a matter of life and death. Matamoros, Mexico is in the midst of a viscious drug war where residents are dodging bullets, grenade attacks, and being kidnapped in the middle of the night to be found the next day decapitated. No one is supporting illegal immigration here… it’s wrong. But given the realities of what some people face in their home country, I can understand why one would pick the lesser of two evils.

It sounds like Mr. Farenthold should do more than just boast about the immigration cases on his desk. Maybe he should open them up and actually LOOK at them.