Fox News on Gas Prices– 2008

Part of the beauty of living in Social Media world is that the past can truly live forever. Many on Fox News have been quick to blame the Obama Administration for somehow causing rising gas prices. But back in 2008, as this poignant reminder from Media Matters shows, they were singing a different tune. Some of the commentators even advocate for GOVERNMENT spending on things like Public Transportation, and more fuel-efficient vehicles. Wha-huh?? What a shame that they’ve decided to be so hypocritical now…

Coming Back in 2012

I know I’m not a super-active Blogger. To be frank, I just haven’t had the time to do this as I’d like. But in an election year as critical and devisive as this one, I will be doing some intermittent posts. In blood-red Conservative Texas, it’s important that Liberal voices are heard (and seen). So here I am. Three cheers to Texas Liberals and Moderates in places like Houston, Dallas, Ft. Worth, San Antonio and Austin who swim against the current to fight for the rights and protections of ALL Texans, not just the privileged few!!