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Don’t Be Left Out… Register To VOTE!!

For so many reasons, 2016 could be the election which defines the next generation.  So it’s super important for you to register and VOTE this year.  Today, October 11th is the deadline to register to vote in the state of Texas.  If you haven’t voted in a couple of years had a name change or a change of address, there’s a good chance that you need to register again. Visit the Voter Information Search to see if all of your voter info is current.  If you find your name and your information is current, then you are good to go for early voting, which runs October 24th through November 4th this year.

Sometimes even a search at the Secretary of State’s website doesn’t yield a result.  If you think you should be registered, be sure to check with your County website as well.

For the state of Texas, this election represents not only a choice between the two parties, but a rare opportunity to change the direction of our state and national political conversation.  Even if one isn’t enthusiastic about the top of the ticket, go VOTE and have a say in who will be leading our government.