Please DON’T Release the Returns!

To say that Mitt Romney is having a “tough week” would be a GROSS understatement. The one question on the mind of America this week has been the following… Will Romney release his tax returns? He’s being pressured from both prominent Democrats and Republicans. So much so that the National Review posted a scathing editorial calling on him to “Release The Returns”. Yeah this is a true catch 22 for Mr. Romney.

But no one wants to discuss why he should NOT release his tax returns. I’m willing to go there.

Despite what may be hiding in the depths of Mr. Romney’s wealth, there is one aspect of his campaign that could receive even further scrutiny… His courage.

Does this man ever think for himself, or is he content to forever be a mindless puppet of the Right Wing? So far he has sacrificed his greatest legislative accomplishment as Governor Massachusetts and now has run against “Romneycare”. He had to reverse positions on the individual mandate and proclaim it is a tax so that he could himself around the latest GOP fetish talking point. The man can’t been hire the people he prefers for his staff! Foreign Policy staffer was forced out of his position with the Romney campaign because because he was openly gay.

But finally, Mitt Romney has taken TRUE stand against the GOP and decided that he will not release any further tax returns. Could this be the one glimmer of hope? Is this the issue that Mr. Romney has chosen to finally show that he can think for himself and make his own decisions? Is this the moment that Mr. Romney shows the American people that he has the personal conviction and strength to be President of the United States? Or is it yet another moment where he will submit to the whims of the Republican mantra? Only time will tell, but make no mistake about this… If Romney releases the returns, he becomes a weaker candidate.

If he stands his ground? Let’s not kid ourselves… he’ll still be a weak candidate. But the question remains… Will Romney be a real candidate, or will he just be “Puppet Mitt”?

What are your thoughts??