The ABCs of the GOP… H is for


In the 2008 election, it was Jeremiah Wright. In 2009 and 2010 it was Death Panels. 2011 it was the debt ceiling. And so far in 2012, it’s been Keystone XL and Fast and Furious. Oh, and that little thing we call the election that’s happening in November. What do all of these things have in common? Carefully crafted and managed hysteria that was started by the GOP. Of course by now, we’re used to this. We expect Republicans to be the loudest voice in the room and to weave a cloud of confusion over our nation’s issues. We also expect them to reject all solutions put forth by Democrats, but not produce any alternatives. It really is the glue that holds their Game Plan together. As long as Republicans continue to throw flames on the fire, they will light their pitchforks and unite against a common cause.

But does one ever wonder why all of this hype and rage is necessary? If these people are looking for real solutions to our government’s issues, then why aren’t they offerring them? Why devote so much time (and a WHOLE LOT of money) creating distractions and stoking fear?

The answer is quite simple… to hold the party together at all costs. The Republican Party is experiencing absolute inner turmoil the likes of which haven’t been seen for generations. Though it seems long ago, the Republcan Primaries revealed some terrible disorder and chaos. The GOP’s fissures started with the Tea Party, but in 2012 have developed into all-out fault lines that could shift the political continent at any second. The two words Republicans fear the most are not “Barack Obama”, but RON PAUL.

With each state convention, Ron Paul adds to his impressive delegate total. And per the official RNC rules, if Mr. Paul wins a plurality of the delegates in just 5 states, he can legally challenge Mitt Romney for the Republican nomination. So far, Mr. Paul has officially won that plurality in 4 states… Iowa, Minnesota, Maine and Louisiana. Oh, wait… and then there’s Massachusetts, were Ron Paul technically won a majority of delegates at the state convention. At first, Massachusetts party officials honored the win, but later changed their stripes. They disqualified 16 of Massachusetts delegates to the GOP national convention, after they were elected by RNC rules. This is both immoral and illegal… the state party knows it. But right now, they’re fighting dirty to hold on to any party they can salvage. Take it from Evan Kenney, one young Paul supporter and the LEGAL delegate winner… the establishment is doing more harm than good in their abuse of this powerful movement.

Even in the midst of these shady dealings, the Paul team still has one more shot to win 5th state “free and clear”… this weekend’s convention in Nebraska. Left, right and center, all eyes will be watching to see how it turns out.

Despite what the Republican establishment wants us to believe, Ron Paul is still a very viable candidate for the GOP nomination. The establishment wing of the party is in a real bind right now. Any move that they make will alienate one major faction of their voters, but going against the Ron Paul movement could be dangerous for years to come by abolishing the youth vote. Believe it or not, the GOP the real hysteria has yet to begin. They can shut their eyes and ears all the want, but the real REVOLUTION is not ready to make nice.