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Marriage Equality is Rhode Island Bound!!

In honor of the 10th state in the US to pass marriage equality, I want to say a hardy thank you to the Rhode Island legislature. A signing “Pre-Statement” has already been issued by Rhode Island Governor Lincoln Chaffee, so marriage equality is a done deal there. With the Ocean State joining in, that now makes full marriage equality legal for a large percentage of the United States…

Washington- 6,897,012

Iowa- 3,074,186

Maryland- 5,884,563

Maine- 1,329,192

Connecticut- 3,590,347

Vermont- 626,011

Massachusetts- 6,646,144

New Hampshire- 1,320,718

New York- 19,570,261

Washington, D.C.- 632,323

Total: 49,570,757

As HRC points out, that’s 50 million people, or just under 1/6th of the entire United States who are living under a different set of laws than the “rest” of us. I’m confident that the day will come for the great state of Texas, and others. But like Brian and Stewie from Family Guy, Marriage Equality is Rhode Islan bound. Congrats to all that helped make it happen!