Holiday Stress: Watch Out In The Parking Lot!!

For all of their positive benefits, the Holidays is often the most stressful time of the whole year.  Be it physically, emotionally or financially, it’s easy to become over-extended during this fast-paced season.  It’s also very easy to become distracted.

While it may not be a surprise, these factors can also lead to an increase in traffic accidents at some at some very busy locations.  As Roland Rodriguez of KRIS TV Corpus Christi reports, be sure to watch out on your shopping trips this season…

During the holidays, parking lots at malls, shopping centers, and supermarkets are packed, increasing the possibility of a fender bender.  It’s a very common situation.  Parking lot accidents increase by 20 percent during the busy holiday season.

The holidays create a perfect storm for  accidents, especially in busy, congested parking lots.

“They’re so many vehicles on the road and in the parking lots. You add more vehicles and people, accidents are bound to occur,” said CCPD Lt. Timothy Frazier.

With all this activity and chaos in a small area, it’s no wonder that many car accidents happen in parking lots.

And don’t forget… unlike city streets, highways and other public roads, parking lots are often going to be private spaces owned by businesses, so it’s not a matter that can be handled by the police.  BUT by law when an accident occurs, you and the other party are REQUIRED to exchange information, so you can inform them of that.

Texas Insurance Agent Cheri Roman also posted a great YouTube video with some helpful tips on how to avoid such accidents, so it’s a good one to check out as well…

So in addition to dealing with increased traffic on the roads themselves, this is a helpful reminder to keep your guard up when you arrive and exit a busy destination.

Stay safe everyone!!