A Festivus Celebration!! Courtesy of President TRuMP

It’s a Festivus Miracle!!

And by “it” I do sincerely mean President Donald Trump.  For once, and maybe only once, Texas Leftist is going all in to celebrate our nation’s most distinguished 45th President.

After all, if the point of the cult holiday Festivus is to air our many grievances and let people know how much of a DISAPPOINTMENT they’ve been throughout the year, then it’s a holiday tailor made to recognize our fearless leader.

So, for the rest of us, here’s my Festivus list, with a TON of help from Jenna Johnson of The Washington Post, who did an excellent job of documenting 282 promises made by Trump when he was on the campaign trail.

  1. Trump’s Infrastructure Plans have deconstructed .  Remember all those good, America First jobs our President planned to spur by rebuilding the nation’s infrastructure??   Though Trump continues to pay lip service to the idea, any actual plans have stalled out.  It’s a far cry from President Obama’s American Recovery and Reinvestment Act, which was off and running well before the close of 44’s first year in office.  Whether one agrees or disagrees with that project, we can’t deny that it did put people to work, and tackled several infrastructure projects.
  2. Trump has long promised to protect the working class, create at least 25 million new jobs, and bring back manufacturing jobs from overseas, going all across the country telling steel mills, coal mines and other factories that they’ll be back in top production, and to rebuild communities that have been affected by automation.  MAGA, right??  But if that is indeed his intention, it sure doesn’t reflect in the recent Tax Giveaway Law.  Though Americans will see a slight bump next year (well-timed for the 2018 Election), after that working families are going to be footing the bill while the 1% receive very large tax breaks.   On Coal and Steel?  While true that there has been a slight uptick in the coal workforce since inauguration, the nation’s Steelworkers are going into their holiday season with a new round of layoffs.  Steelworkers are dependent on the Federal Government to pursue aggressive new trade deals which can promote American goods overseas.  And as for all of those jobs rushing back to us from overseas???  Kinda tough to do when the Trump Administration would rather infuriate and bully other world leaders.  So far, “the greatest jobs president that God ever created” isn’t getting the job done.
  3. Tax Reform that would simplify the Tax Code, and Reduce the number of Tax Brackets.  OK!!  At long last, we’ve got a promise kept here people!!  Before the GOP-led Tax “Reform” bill was signed into law, we had a total of 7 Tax brackets.  After the bill’s passage, we have 7 Tax brackets!!!!!!! The truth is, the Tax bill didn’t really simplify anything.  All those loopholes that were to be closed, basically none of them were. But any guesses as to what the GOP did accomplish in this bill?? With less money coming in to the Government, Republicans are now saying they’ll be forced to cut Government services like Social Security, Medicare and Medicaid and CHIP.  No, seriously, House  Speaker Paul Ryan and Senator Orrin Hatch are already talking about it.
  4. Guarantee 6 Weeks Paid Family Leave?  It was a nice gesture, but no.  Has Trump himself ever even mentioned this, or was it just First Daughter Ivanka?
  5. DRAIN THE SWAMP!!  Ah yes, a personal favorite of Trump while on the campaign trail, where he promised to end the influence of lobbyists in Washington, and be the “most transparent President, ever”.  Yet since his inauguration, our nation’s capital has reached a new low.  We can barely keep up with the daily litany of scandals and lies, with no end in sight.

We could go on, but that’s going to have to suffice for this year’s Festivus.  After a year’s wait, it feels great to finally celebrate our nation’s leader on the day that’s appropriate.

Happy Festivus, Mr. President!!  You’ve Been a Real Disappointment to us all.

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