Why #BLM? A Justification For Black Lives Matter

For many folks across the country, the Black Lives Matter movement is wrought with controversy.  Even today, many White Americans do not understand the continuing frustration that communities of color have with some of those in law enforcement, and they certainly don’t understand why people seem to be out and ready to protest on a regular basis.  As has recently been seen in Houston, the activity has even led to counter-protest by “White Lives Matter” individuals.

And even for those of us who DO understand, the reasons for such a movement can be an incredibly difficult set of circumstances to explain to others, especially those not actively seeking the knowledge.  Someone who believes, for example, that African-Americans are just “naturally more violent” than whites is unlikely to understand the general concept of transgenerational trauma, much less the myriad of societal injustices which have plagued American communities of color for centuries.

With this seemingly insurmountable task in mind, here are a couple of videos that may help..

Black in White America— This groundbreaking ABC News Special Report aired in 1989, and examines evidence that even younger Black children suffer from a lack of affirmation in society, and as a result, de-value in their self-worth, and in some cases, the worth of others.  Again, this video is from over 25 years ago, long before the most current iteration of Black Lives Matter.


Race Baiting 101— Created by award-winning documentarian Matthew Cooke, this video provides an excellent timeline of American society’s relationship with the Black community, and how and where it has intersected with the White Community.

The above is also a great lead up to Dr. Joy DeGruy’s research into Post-Traumatic Slave Syndrome.  Again, this is a highly provocative concept, but one worth consideration.


So for those that are truly struggling, here are a few resources that may help people understand, or a least chart a path to understanding, some reasons for the Black Lives Matter movement.


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