Like Summer, Democratic Presidential Race Heating Up

Admittedly, it has been much fun watching the Survivor-themed Cicus that is the 2016 Republican Presidential field.  At present, any one of 20 notable contenders are criss-crossing the nation to share in what will ultimately be a very bright spotlight.  But at the end of the day, there can still only be one.

For Democrats however, much of the 2015 season has appeared to be a foregone conclusion, as Hillary Clinton continues to dominate all conversations, even as a precious few challengers like Senator Bernie Sanders are trying to gain some traction on the Left.

At this point, it’s highly unlikely that the number of Democratic contenders will suddenly swell to some huge number like the GOP.  But in the coming weeks, it could become a lot more interesting.  And today, those that care about a more robust Primary season got some hope for just that.  Enter an interesting new video from former Maryland Governor Martin O’Malley

We have to talk music for just a second.  As O’Malley shares about his Irish and German forebears, a very slick gospel-style arrangement of O Danny Boy is playing in the background. It’s the perfect timbre and tone for an encouraging political message. Taking the Irish tune and blending it into a very traditional American setting is hugely effective… like a little American story in itself.

Best of all, that music fits perfectly into the not-yet but most likely very soon to declare non-candidate’s message

My parent’s grand-parents were immigrants, and the dreams they had were deeply American. As Mayor and as Governor, I always kept a sign on my desk that said “No Irish Need Apply.” It served as a reminder that we were all once strangers in a strange land.

Again, nothing’s official yet, but let’s just say that most people don’t produce videos like this to tell others they are not running.  But more important is that this video signals for O’Malley that nothing about his presumed campaign will be for practice.  When he does decide to run for President, he’ll be in it to win it.

The Democratic side of the house is about to have lots more to talk about.