TLCQ 2013: Endorsements

For those that have asked, here is the full list of Texas Leftist endorsements. If didn’t issue an endorsement in the race Houston City Controller, because I felt that there was a strong case to be made on behalf of both incumbent Ronald Green and challenger Bill Frazer. Green is a Democrat and Frazer is Republican, so that may aide some people as they make their decision. 

Prop 1: FOR 
Prop 2: FOR (Saving the Astrodome) 
Texas Constitutional Amendements 
Props 1, 4 and 6: FOR 
Others: No endorsement
Annise Parker
Houston City Controller
No endosement
Position 1: Stephen Costello
Position 2: David W. Robinson
Position 3: No endorsement
Position 4: C. O. Bradford
Position 5: James S. Horwitz
Houston City Council Districts (A-E, F-K)
A: Brenda Stardig
B: Jerry Davis 
C: Ellen Cohen
D: Assata Richards
E: Dave Martin
F: Al Hoang
G: Oliver Pennington
H: Ed Gonzalez
I:   Robert Gallegos
J:  Mike Laster 
K:  Jerry Davis 
District 1: Zeph Capo
District 2: No endorsement
District 3: Dane D. Cook
District 5: Robert Glaser 
District 7: Neeta Sane 
Houston Independent School District
No endorsements
Pasadena Redistricting Measure