TLCQ 2013: Endorsements- Harris County Bond Election

As the largest county government in the state of Texas, and 3rd largest in the nation, it’s no stretch to assuage that many decisions made within Harris County have nation-wide and sometimes world-wide implications. This is well exhibited among this November’s bond election.

Proposition 1 is for the issuance of $70 million dollars to create a joint Detention Processing Center with the City of Houston. The proposition doesn’t directly raise property taxes at this time, but gives Harris County the flexibility to do so if needed. As our understanding of criminal detention continues to evolve away from locking up as many people as possible, and more to the development of services to help people deal with the issues that lead to certain forms of criminal behavior in the first place, this co-venture of the City and County seems a next logical step. By avoiding redundancy, this will ensure that not only fewer of our future tax dollars are spent to house non-violent offenders, but will allow our law enforcement agencies to do better coordination for the area. Texas Leftist is FOR Harris County Proposition 1.

Proposition 2 for some voters will surely be the “main event”… where we decide if we want to Save the Astrodome. This one ballot initiative is expected to drive some citizens to the polls who wouldn’t normally go as well. Given that it is one of the most recognizable landmarks in all of Texas, and Harris County has created a very practical way for the Dome to utilized in it’s newest stage, Texas Leftist is FOR Harris County Proposition 2. I sincerely hope voters agree.