On the TLCQ Endorsements

Just wanted to share a note about the endorsement process before they are released…

The Texas Leftist Candidate Questionnaire has been a great learning experience for me. I am especially thankful to all of the candidates that took the time to read the questions, think about them and respond back. Working with a political campaign, I know how busy and very tired all of these candidates must be as we round the bend to November 5th… the countless number of public appearances, constant scrutiny by voters and news media, and hardly any time to themselves. I honestly admire you all, and sincerely don’t know how you do it!!

That being said, TLCQ did not get quite as many responses as I had hoped for, but even with the ones received I am very glad to have contributed to the important political conversation, and raised some issues that others may not be discussing. The voters of Houston and Texas deserve a full, diverse compendium about our elected officials and those who seek said offices. I also salute the great work being done by other bloggers on the 2013 elections, and recommend that voters visit their sites before heading to the polls. Off the Kuff has done a superb job of compiling information on the candidates, so if you’re still trying to find information, check out his 2013 elections page.

Look for the first TLCQ endorsements tomorrow.