The Texas Leftist Candidate Questionnaire (TLCQ)

After lots of consideration, I have decided to develop a candidate questionnaire, with the possibility of endorsements for some races. It’s important for voters to have as much information as possible when they go to the polls, and this blog is a way to add to that body of information. The questions will be emailed to all candidates, and responses will be published on the blog as they are received.

Along with the questionnaire, Texas Leftist will also issue endorsements once the responses are received, though I may not endorse for all races. For readers, here is what will be sent to the political candidates…


1. What is your name, as it will appear on the ballot?

2. Are you a current or former elected official? If so what office(s)?

3. As a political candidate, you clearly care about what happens in certain levels of government. In your own words, why is government important?

4. If elected, what is your top priority in office for the upcoming term? Describe how you plan to accomplish it.

5a. (For Houston municipal candidates) With the exception of city government and some other select businesses, Houstonians can still be fired for being lesbian, gay, bisexual or transgender because we do not have a comprehensive non-discrimination ordinance for general employment. This lags behind other Texas cities such as Dallas, Austin, and Ft. Worth. Do you support a comprehensive non-discrimination ordinance for the city of Houston? If not, please explain why. If so, please explain how you would work to pass such a measure.

5b. (For Houston municipal candidates) There have been an alarming number of complaints filed against officers in the Houston Police Department, accused of unwarranted police brutality towards citizens. A disproportionate amount of this violence occurs in minority communities, and in the vast majority of these cases, officers have gone unpunished. As a result, these incidents cause a cycle of mistrust between Houstonians and the very officers sworn to protect them. What can you do to increase oversight of the Houston Police Department, and help ensure that these incidents do not continue?

5c. (For Houston Community College district candidates) As our nation’s educational and professional landscape continues to evolve in the 21st century, institutions like HCC stand to be a critical part of that important process. In your opinion, is HCC ready for the monumental changes coming to education? What can the system do to best prepare?

6. What makes you the best candidate for this office?

7. When not on the campaign trail, how do you like to spend your free time?


Responses will be published as they arrive, and will be considered during the endorsement process. In the mean time, I highly recommend similar work already being done by Off the Kuff and Texpatriate, which will factor into the Texas Leftist endorsement decisions as well.