By Dome I Think He’s Got It… An Astroplan

One thing that typically surprises visitors to Houston? We’re actually quite the town for art. Our museum district, opera, and ballet are world-class institutions, as well as some impressive structures like the Waterwall. And of course don’t forget the Art Car Parade, and biennial Bayou City Arts Festival. Houston in fact does love art.

Which is why the latest idea surrounding the impending fate of the Astrodome is highly intriguing. A University of Houston grad student has a plan to not destroy the Astrodome, but instead turn it into a sculptural homage to the building’s unique history, and special place in the hearts and minds of Houstonians. Ryan Slattery proposes that we turn the Astrodome into a massive sculpture by stripping the structure to it’s skeleton. As KHOU states, it would be kind of like an “Eiffel Tower” of Houston.

Now this is an idea that I can support. This structure is too important to just destroy and create yet another parking lot. This would give Houstonians a great place to observe their city’s history, while enjoying sports games and the rodeo. In my opinion, we have a winner here. As a town that is already crazy for its art, this would fit the 21st century aesthetic of Houston quite well, while still leaving future possibilities in the area.

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