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Texoblogosphere: Week of August 1st

The Texas Progressive Alliance had no trouble hearing what Ghazala Khan had to say as it brings you this week’s roundup.

Off the Kuff wrote about the latest voting rights lawsuit in the state of Texas.

“The Daily Jackass”, a new series beginning at PDiddie’s Brains and Eggs, spotlights the unhinged, unsubstantiated rants of hard-boiled Democrats who hold something hostile against Jill Stein and the Green Party. The fist Jackass featured is Chris Hooks at the Texas Observer.

SocraticGadfly, after defending Donald Trump from conspiratorial accusations of being a Manchurian Candidate, eventually fesses up to being a Manchurian Blogger.

CouldBeTrue of South Texas Chisme says kudos to McAllen for policing their police force. Power requires responsibility and accountability.

Neil at All People Have Value noted that the NFL keeps on lying about how football causes concussions at the youth football level. APHV is part of NeilAquino.com.


And here are some posts of interest from other Texas blogs.

Brantley Hightower considers the evolution of Whataburger’s architecture.

The Bloggess explains how Pokemon Go helps her with her anxiety and agoraphobia.

Eileen Smith makes a triumphant return to blogging.

Paradise In Hell is excited by recent archaeological finds at the Alamo.

Anna Dragsbaek objects to “conscientious” vaccine exemptions.

Taking cues from The Bloggess, this week’s featured photo delves into the worldwide craze of 2016… Pokemon GO.  As the website Visit Houston Texas proudly proclaims on their Pokemon GO Guide, the city is ripe with a plethora of little monsters in every direction.  The ones pictured are in two of the Montrose area’s most treasured destinations… the Menil Collection and Rothko Chapel.  I’ve also heard rumors of some Squirtles in the area, but for this player, they’ve yet to pan out.

Pokemon Go Houston