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Van de Putte Answers Voters In Live Spanish Language Forum

If Texans had any question about which candidate is willing to listen to them in the Lieutenant Governors’ race, Democrat Leticia Van de Putte put those questions to rest last night. Here’s more from Alexa Ura of the Texas Tribune

During a Spanish-language town hall on Friday, state Sen. Leticia Van de Putte, the Democratic candidate for lieutenant governor, advocated for a higher minimum wage in Texas.

“We know that people who live off of minimum wage live a poverty-ridden life,” Van de Putte said. “Raising the minimum wage is good for the economy.”

Van de Putte’s remarks come a week after Democratic gubernatorial candidate Wendy Davis called for pushing the minimum wage in Texas to $10 per hour. In her remarks, Van de Putte said she was unsure whether increasing the minimum wage to $10 an hour from the current requirement of $7.25 per hour was the necessary hike, but she indicated that the Texas Legislature should raise the rate.

Her campaign had hoped the town hall event would be a debate with her Republican opponent, state Sen. Dan Patrick. But Patrick “respectfully declined” to participate in the event, according to event organizers. During the hour, she answered questions from three panelists, from a studio audience, and some asked via social media. <\blockquote>

The forum marks the first time in Texas history that a candidate for statewide office has participated in a televised Spanish language forum during General Election season. Previously, there was a 2002 Primary contest between Democrats Dan Morales and Tony Sanchez also done entirely in Spanish.

Van de Putte’s Republican opponent Dan Patrick was once again absent from the session with Texas voters.  Of course given his previous history of extremely disrespectful comments toward the Hispanic community, it should be no surprise that he didn’t want to answer their questions or hear their concerns. Democrats were quick to attack Patrick for not only refusing the debate, but also several cancellations of recent public appearances.

Besides the minimum wage, Van de Putte discussed a broad range of topics, including Medicaid expansion, LGBT rights and Veterans issues.  Portions of the town hall are already posted on Univsion 41’s website, and the broadcast is set to air on Univision stations in Houston, Austin and Dallas/ Ft. Worth at a future date.  Who knows what the impact will be in November, but one thing is for certain… Leticia Van de Putte showed great poise, knowledge and genuine compassion during the event, proving beyond a doubt that she has what it takes to be Lieutenant Governor.