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Music Musings: Charli XCX ft. Rita Ora “Doing It”

As the 2010s roll on through the 2nd half of the decade, many in the pop music world have begun to look for the sounds and trends which define this decade.  Will the 2010s be nothing more than a re-hash of the 1980s?  Will Disco make a triumphant return?

The answer is still unclear, but if there is one artist that seems to have her finger on the most definitive sounds of today, British pop sensation Charli XCX seems a likely candidate.

A master co-writer of Millennial anthems like Icona Pop’s Mega-Hit I Love It and Iggy Azalea’s Fancy, XCX is now creating a stir with her new solo effort Sucker… named the Best Pop Album of 2014 by Rolling Stone Magazine.  Here’s an excerpt from that publication’s rave review

Charli runs the album’s rock & roll guitars and attitude through enough distressed digital production and thumb-type vernacular to make this the first fully updated iteration of punk pop in ages. It’s also a fitting cap to a music year often defined by powerful young women. Aitchison understands that the difference between a big dumb song and an awesome big dumb song is often just a tiny bit more groove and musk.

That electricity thoughout XCX’s Sucker is well-evidenced in the jam Doing It featuring fellow English pop star Rita Ora.  A careful concoction of throwback feel and cutting-edge clarity, Doing It is a girl power anthem with potential to power up any dance floor.

Check out the video for Doing It below, and be on the lookout for more Charli XCX.