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Pennsylvania Voter ID law: big developments

The Pennsylvania State Supreme Court has vacated the controversial Voter ID law, and is now sending it back to the lower courts for further review. This law would have taken aggressive steps to alienate any voter who could not produce a valid, current state ID with an expiration date. Even a stay of this law through November is a huge “win” for those against Voter Suppression.

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Voter Suppression: “It’s really sad”

The Breaking news out of Pennsylvania… judge Robert Simpson has upheld the controversial voter ID law, refusing to halt its implementation. Despite the complete lack of evidence of actual voter fraud, and even the recent public slip-up of a Pennsylvania State GOP Congressman stating that Voter ID will allow Romney to win the state, this law is being allowed to proceed. The voting rights of millions of Pennsylvanians are now in jeopardy.

This battle is of course being waged all over the country… especially in Florida. In case you missed it, the Reverend Al Sharpton broke one of the most important political stories on television last week.

Jim Greer, former chairman of the Florida GOP, spoke with Sharpton about his party’s tactics for new voting laws. He called Voter Fraud a “marketing tool” and directly accused the Republican Party of trying to suppress minority votes. He literally lays it all out there.

Apparently, the GOP has given up on trying to win elections based on facts and their values. Mr. Greer even said about the GOP… “it’s really sad” that their party feels so strongly that they can’t win on the issues, that they must limit the electorate to have a chance at a national election.

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