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Obama’s remaining task: Let’s Build Our House

Presidential debates bring so much hype, and so little actual information. After the second debate of 2012, accusations flew all over the room. But once again, neither candidate outlined a real path for the future. This is what the American people need to hear from both men, but most importantly from President Obama. After all, it is his job that is on the line.

Many Americans are still waiting for Obama to articulate his vision for the next four years, and it’s quite simple. Here’s my advice to him…

The economic foundation was laid. Despite the staggerring amount of obstruction lodged by the GOP, Obama’s leadership has led to economic improvement. Jobs are getting created again in this country… real jobs. President Obama has turned the corner for American factories and US exports are growing again, even to China. The three new Trade Deals Obama signed with Panama, South Korea and Columbia have created new, growing markets for American manufacturing. This is why we’re not shedding hundreds of thousands of jobs every month… because Americans are starting to make stuff.

The healthcare foundation was laid. No more waiting on the Supreme Court with bated breath, and no more tax money-wasting symbolic votes for repeal. This law, and the standards that it has set aren’t going away. Remember in 2009 when people were fighting about “death panels” and talking about ridiculous costs? None of that has come to fruition. Instead, 47 million American women are now saving money through free preventive services and products. They go to their same doctor, but the visits and mdedical supplies now costs less. That’s the “new normal” of the Affordable Care Act… more people going to the doctor, and less people waiting until ailments are so severe that they rush to the emergency room. Is it perfect? No, but again the foundation was laid.

The foriegn policy foundation was laid. Americans now have a renewed standing around the world, and are able to foster more diplomatic cooperation than ever before. President Obama’s leadership has ended one war in Iraq, which means more of our servicemen are back home with their friends and families. We have a clear path to end the war in Afghanistan as part of a coordinated, international effort. And lest we forget, our Military is safer today because all of our troops can serve without having to hide who they are.

President Obama didn’t achieve everything he sought to in a first term, but he did achieve a lot in a very divisive environment. But what he did… what we did was lay a foundation… a good solid foundation which we can build upon. Now is the time to invest in our nation’s workers through education programs. Sure, some low-skill jobs have left for China and aren’t coming back. Let’s train Americans on how to work in 21st century factories building 21st century goods. Let’s repair our crumbling infrastructure. Make sure that no child has to go to a school without working, dependable computer access and a safe school building. Make sure that our roads we drive on are not only repaired for today, but ready to handle the rapid population and trade growth they are experiencing from the North and South. Let’s connect our broadband and power grid to incorporate more alternative energy. We can do all of this and create real, AMERICAN jobs… ones that cannot be outsourced.

So in essence Mr. President, take some well-worn advice from Leonard Bernstein (alla Voltaire). We’ve laid our foundation. It’s time to build our house.

We’re neither pure, nor wise, nor good

We’ll do the best we know,

We’ll build our house and chop our wood

And make our garden grow.