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Music Musings: Luis Fonsi

There are lots of good singers in the music industry today, and indeed many singers that are very good, if underrated.

But then, once in while, you hear a singer so good that they literally stop you in your tracks.  Right then and there, you hear a voice that you’ll literally never forget.  For me, one of those voices belongs to singer, songwriter and international superstar Luis Alfonso Rodríguez López-Cepero, better known as Luis Fonsi.

The above is how I first encountered Fonsi, appearing on this stunning duet with Christina Aguilera from her 2000 album Mi Reflejo.  As you can hear, it takes a voice of significance to match Aguilera in a duet without getting overshadowed, and Fonsi proves to be every bit her equal.  In fact the sheer power and unbeatable dynamic range of Fonsi nearly steals the show on this song.

Right after this epic feature with the predominantly English-language diva, Fonsi himself tried to cross over with an English-language album, 2002’s Fight the Feeling.  Though he wasn’t a big success there, Fonsi has continued to be a major force in music world, winning both a Latin Grammy award and topping the Billboard Latin charts.  From his latest album 8, Fonsi recorded a song with the legendary Juan Luis Guerra which has already garnered the singer another Latin Grammy nomination.

Fonsi’s incredible pipes are just the beginning of the story.  He’s also a songwriter, guitarist and dancer.  With such talents in his possession, it’s no wonder that he has reached great success.

Here’s a video of his 2014 single Corazón En La Maleta…



Music Musings: 2013’s Biggest Moment in Music

Did you hear it? There’s a quiet revolution overtaking the music industry. 

If you’re trying to guess what Texas Leftist chose as the most significant event in music for 2013, here’s a hint… it ain’t Beyoncé. But I can guarantee you that what Beyoncé did was partly in response to this. Without Delay, the definitive moment in music was…

This is a list of the Grammy nominations for album of the year. By this point, few people are surprised to see Macklemore and Ryan Lewis’ smash hit album The Heist listed as a nominee. But we often forget that how they managed to get there represents a transfiguration of the music industry as we know it. The duo produced the album head to toe, front to back, as unsigned artists. The single Thrift Shop broke records by becoming the first song by an unsigned artist to reach number 1 on the Billboard charts since 1994. The single did this largely independent of the music industry’s traditional infrastructure… endless marketing/promo tours, heavy reliance on regional radio stations, and lengthy contract obligations. Instead, fans promoted the duo’s album by social media, which allowed it to go viral outside of the industry’s careful, calculated pre-destiny. Much to the envy of signed acts, the back end reward is just as significant. Being the sole writers, artists and producers means Macklemore and Ryan Lewis reap what they get in record sales, and the profits go directly to them. They also set their own touring and promo schedules. 

As evidenced by Beyoncé’s decision to follow in Macklemore and Ryan Lewis’ footsteps by ditching industry convention for social media, The Heist was a true game-changer, and pop music as we know it may never be the same. Who knows if this trend will continue, but to go from minor league tours to seven Grammy nods in one year? Let’s just say it takes some serious Wing$. This is without a doubt the most significant event of 2013 for music.