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Music Musings: Jaci Velásquez

If there’s one place that most people can be assured to experience music their week, that place is their house of worship.  Music traditions are as old as the churches, synagogues and mosques that practice them, if not older.  That’s why it’s no surprise that some of the best contemporary singers come from Contemporary Christian music.  This is definitely the case with Houston native and bi-lingual superstar Jaci Velásquez.

As the child of evangelical ministers, Velásquez literally grew up singing in the church.  By the time she had her first breakout hit at 16, she was already a more experienced singer than many young stars of a similar age.  The song that was that hit, On My Knees, is one that touched the hearts of millions.

Since then, Velásquez has gone on to win 7 Dove awards, Grammy nominations and various other accolades, fielding successful albums in both English and Spanish.  The emotional and dynamic range of her voice is what sets this singer apart, and has undoubtedly been a key ingredient to her worldwide fame in the Christian community.  Check out some of her songs below.

On My Knees


Un Lugar Celestial  (A Heavenly Place)


Llegar A Ti