Texas “Feels the Bern” With Bernie Sanders

There’s just something about Democratic Presidential candidate Bernie Sanders.

The Independent Senator from Vermont has been the surprise story of the 2016 race thus far, drawing huge crowds to events in nearly every state he visits, including Texas. As the Fort Worth Star Telegram reports the Sanders campaign seems to have no trouble finding the blue in a sea of deep red…

FORT WORTH – Lauren McCauley has already made her pick.

The race for the White House doesn’t begin in earnest until next year, but she is backing Bernie Sanders, a long-shot candidate trying to spark a political revolution.

“I find it very refreshing to have a candidate who I feel speaks for the middle class,” said McCauley, 31, of Fort Worth. “He has a long history of supporting women’s rights and gay rights.

“He seems like the only no-bulls— candidate in the race.”

Even throughout the Obama Administration, the President has rarely campaigned or visited Texas. The fact that Bernie Sanders is staying true to his word with a 50-state campaign. And the result?? New hope, energy and excitement for a Progressive base long neglected by national tickets. At this point it’s too early to know for sure just who will be the Democratic nominee, but we can all be thankful for the healthy, respectful debate which has emerged among the candidates. If only the GOP could say the same.

So add Texas on to a rapidly-growing list of states that “Feel the Bern”.  And let’s hope that Senator Sanders continues holding traditional political wisdom to the fire.