Register to Vote… It’s Now or Never Texas!!

In case you haven’t heard, October 6th is the deadline for Voter Registration in Texas.  That’s today!!!

And remember than in Texas, you have to keep your information current.  If you haven’t voted in a couple of years had a name change or a change of address, there’s a good chance that you need to register again. Visit the Voter Information Search to see if all of your voter info is current.

Now sometimes even a search at the Secretary of State’s website doesn’t yield a result.  If you think you should be registered, be sure to check with your County website as well.  For example, in Harris County, you can check with their voter registration search if nothing is found on the state website.

Ok so you found your name, you are registered, and everything is up to date??  Great!!!  Here’s you between now and EARLY Voting…

Voter Registration


But if you didn’t find your name, be sure to to print out a Voter Registration Application, fill it out real quick, and drop it in the mail before 5pm today.  If you miss the 5pm deadline, find one of your “political” friends… you know who I’m talking about… and ask them if they know a VDVR– Volunteer Deputy Voter Registrar that lives in your county.  They may have Voter Registration forms with them, can help you register until midnight tonight, and will give you a receipt showing they accepted the form.  But either way, if you want to vote in the November 4th elections, you need to act today.

Yes, today!!!

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