Why I’m Starting Donations

As some readers may have guessed, Texas Leftist is a volunteer enterprise that I started back in 2010. At the time, I had hoped to cover some municipal issues, and focus on the Texas Gubernatorial elections. As Houston mayor Bill White was running for Governor at the time, it seemed like a good idea. But besides just rants on a page, it was important to me to express my thoughts in the context of a fact-based argument. To do that consistently requires a lot of time researching, fact-checking, calling people for clarification about things, trying to go to a crazy number of events, etc. Which is why after exactly 4 blog posts, I was done, realizing that the whole endeavor was way over my head.

But at the beginning of 2012, I couldn’t be silent any longer. The Presidential election (and all of the lies that surrounded it) just seemed too critical to not at least try to keep up. In the midst of doing posts like Operation Think Swing Texas or The ABCs of the GOP, I realized that this is something that was important to me. Though there are many outstanding bloggers throughout Texas covering a wide range of important issues, I felt that my voice was needed… is needed as well.

After some prayerful consideration, I’ve decided to add a donations feature to Texas Leftist (via PayPal). These donations are to help keep Texas Leftist going, and hopefully provide for future expansion of the blog and its coverage abilities. Here are my basic goals for this expansion so far…

– Increased coverage, opinion and analysis of important issues

– Interviews with politicians, public figures and newsmakers

– Enhanced capability to collect and disseminate information

– Additional perspectives from guest writers

So there you have it. If anyone has any feedback, you are welcome to contact me at texasleftist@gmail.com. Thanks for reading, and for your consideration.

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