Is Obama Hunting for Huntsman as Secretary of State?

This may be out on a limb, but I think there’s still a very good chance the President will pick Jon Huntsman to be Secretary of State. Though few in the main-stream media seem to focused on Susan Rice to explore this option, but Lisa Riley Roche of Utah’s Deseret News believes the former governor is a viable option.

Sure, he’s a Republican. And yes he ran for President in the GOP primaries, actually hoping to take on Barack Obama for his job. But here’s why Governor Huntsman is possibly the best choice for the Obama Administration, and for this time in American history…

Huntsman’s experience lines up with Obama’s priorities. Lest we forget… This President’s number one foreign policy priority is to re-establish the United States as a Pacific Power. Obama has conducted three large-scale visits throughout the South Pacific during his term, and has also had extensive dealings with China. Virtually any trip that he has elected to take (outside of a summit or other special meeting) has been to Asia. Governor Huntsman is one of the foremost diplomats to Asia… having served as the American Ambassador to both China and Singapore. He is fluent in Chinese, and has a real grasp on the sensitive political issues of the Continent. As the delicate relationship between China and the United States grows in importance, it’s clear that Governor Huntsman is best qualified to handle this aspect of being the nation’s top diplomat.

Huntsman has a background rooted strongly in both business and government. In 2012, we all recently suffered through several Republican candidates that claimed to have an equal share of both… most evidenced by Republican nominee Mitt Romney. But unlike Mr. Romney, who didn’t even attempt to run for a second term in his state, Huntsman was reelected with a “landslide” 77.7 percent of the vote. Romney’s decision not to run was a pure admission that he would likely be unsuccessful. Of course Mr. Huntsman didn’t complete much of his second term before accepting the position of US Ambassador to China, but the re-election effort in itself is a significant credit to his character and dedication.

In second term, President Obama is free from the concerns of election. Unlike 2008, the President can choose the person he feels will best suit the job, without concern for political consequences. Obama picked Huntsman as Ambassador to China during his first term, and that is critically important. Anyone chosen to be America’s face to the largest country on earth is being set up for greater duties down the line. Susan Rice’s prominence as Ambassador to the UN would be the only other person that was chosen for such a critical post. But as is par in the world of politics, the reaction outside our shores is just as important. The elevation of Huntsman to Secretary of State would be a major signal to China that the United States is serious about building on the progress the two nations have made. Susan Rice’s prior field experience as Ambassador was in Africa. So in either case, the President’s decision will of top diplomat will reveal which foreign relations he chooses to prioritize.

And finally….

President Obama likes diverse opinions. If you’re able to read this, then you probably remember 2007 and 2008… you know, when then Senators Obama and Clinton didn’t get along so well. But once all was said and done, he still chose Clinton for his most senior cabinet position. The relationship between Obama and Huntsman hasn’t been nearly as contentious, but most have been willing to discard him as a possibility simply because of party.

Clearly, this is not how the President sees it. Check out this video from 2011… Obama not only indicates that he admires Huntsman’s work as Ambassador to China, but that he has not been ruled out for future endeavors.

Until a decision is announced, no one can be sure. But looking at all of the objective information, I’m ready to place my bet. Obama is hunting for Huntsman.

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