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Could Texas Legislature End Daylight Saving Time??

It’s the first Monday after people across the state lost an hour of sleep due to Daylight Saving Time.  And although most have general discontent over the situation, one small and prominent group of Texans seem to have had enough.  Movement is building rapidly within the state Legislature to end the practice of Daylight Saving Time once and for all.

Here’s the story from Ashley Sutton of Fox 29 News San Antonio

We have the Germans to thank for the WWI-era time theory, and depending on your daylight saving opinion; thanks may also be due to Texas lawmakers wanting to take the spring out of “springing forward.”

Under HB 150, Rep. Dan Flynn, R-Canton, proposes Texas join Hawaii and Arizona and let the sun forever set on the energy-saving practice. The bill is scheduled of a public hearing this Wednesday.

In another proposal, Rep. James White, R-Woodville, calls for a studious approach. HB 363 would create the Texas Task Force on Daylight Saving Time to “conduct a study and develop recommendations on the efficacy of the continuation of daylight saving time in this state.”

According to recent studies, most Americans consider the century old practice of moving the clock forward and back to be antiquated, and possibly even doing more harm than good.

Of course given the huge list of needs that Texans have from their state legislature, like adequate funding for infrastructure repairs, healthcare expansion to our poorest residents and education for Texas kids, the bi-annual annoyance of Daylight Saving Time wouldn’t seem to be too high on the priorities list.  But apparently, this is how the Lege prefers to spend its incredibly valuable time.

It’s good that leaders in Austin have “seen the light” on this issue.  Let’s hope that they do so with other, more pressing concerns.

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