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2016 Democratic Primary Recommendations

As many readers are aware, Early Voting for the 2016 Texas Democratic Primary started today.  Texas Leftist has decided to wait on the formal endorsement process until the General Election. But for those interested, here are recommendations for the Primary Election…


President:  Hillary Clinton


Texas Railroad Commissioner:  Lon Burnam


State Representative

District 126: Joy Dawson-Thomas

District 131:  Alma Allen

District 139:  Randy Bates

District 137:  Gene Wu

District 148:  Jessica Farrar


State Board of Education, District 6:  Dakota Carter


Harris County Sheriff:  Ed Gonzalez

Harris County Tax Assessor:  Brandon Dudley

Harris County Commissioner Pct. 3:  Jenifer Rene Pool


14th Court of Appeals:  Jim Sharp


District Judge

11th:  Jim Lewis

61st:  Julie Countiss

165th:  Josefina Rendon

174th:  Hazel B. Jones

176th:  Shawna L. Reagin

177th:  Robert Johnson

178th:  Kelli Johnson

179th:  Randy Roll

215th:  Joshua A. Verde

333rd:  Daryl Moore

351st:  Greg Glass


Justice of the Peace 

Pct. 1, Place 1:  Eric William Carter

Pct. 3, Place 1:  Joe Stephens

Pct. 7, Place 7:  Cheryl Elliot Thornton


Good luck with your choices, and make sure to VOTE!!!


Texan for Hillary