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Women’s March On Washington, Across Texas

January 20th– the time has come.

As the United States readies to conduct our peaceful transition of power from President Barack Hussein Obama to President Donald John Trump, citizens across this country are preparing to welcome the new guy to office.

But peaceful doesn’t have to mean quiet.

This weekend, Trump is going to receive an unprecedented welcome for his first full day in office, as thousands participate in the Women’s March on Washington.  Here’s more from Karen Hua via Forbes.com

On Saturday, January 21—the day after Donald Trump is inagurated as the 45th President of the United States—the Women’s March on Washington will take place.

What began as a grassroots Facebook event quickly blossomed into a national movement, following discontent after the 2016 presidential election. However, the official Women’s March organization, emphasizes a pro-women initiative rather than an anti-Trump one. With Planned Parenthood as an official partner, the march aims to raise awareness of women’s rights to reproductive healthcare, funds, and protection.

Several celebrities—from ages 15 (Rowan Blanchard) to 70 (Cher)—have not only voiced their support on social media, but they have galvanized fans to join them. The Artists Table has also amassed dozens of A-listers standing in solidarity with 200,000 expected to march over the weekend.

That’s a preview of what is slated for the nation’s capitol, but even if you can’t travel to Washington, there are plenty of opportunities to march across the Lone Star state.  Over a dozen Sister Marchesevents directly affiliated with the Women’s March on Washington, are happening in Texas.  All together, these groups are part of a worldwide network expected to include millions of marchers.  The Houston March, for example, has already collected 17,000 RSVPs.  All signs indicate that this could be a very significant group of events.

So yes it is true… none of us can change the past, or the results of last year’s election.  But we can stand together, and amplify our voices for the good of the nation.

For more information on a Texas March near you, click one of the links below… 

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El Paso     Brownsville     Amarillo     Beaumont/ Golden Triangle


Alright Texas.  It’s time to march.