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Time to get real about Government

One thing that always puzzles me in the ongoing discussion about jobs… there’s hardly any mention about public-sector workers, except in reference to “wasteful governemnt spending” or “big government”. Thanks to the incessant drilling of the GOP, Americans have been conditioned to think that ALL taxes are bad, and ALL government spending is wasteful. Some people even question why we have a government. Instead, the President’s job is to somehow “free up” and encourage the Private Sector to give everyone a job. If he hasn’t done that yet, then he’s failed as President.

The truth of the situation is that there are many private market forces the government just can’t control, particularly when dealing with the European financial crises. It hits home when our exports numbers diminish, and that slumps demand for American businesses. As powerful as the President and Congress may be, they cannot control the rate of private hiring and investment. Those decisions are made by the corporate shareholders. If you’re not a shareholder, you don’t get a say.

But what does government have EXCLUSIVE control over?? PUBLIC INVESTMENT. Public-sector jobs are created by the government. Every teacher, fire-fighter, road repairman that you encounter is a public sector worker. These are the jobs that the Obama administration continues to try and create, only to get shot down by Republican forces in Congress. Democrats have tried time and time again to send much needed money to state governments, but as it has been blocked, those states started aggressive layoffs (Does ANYONE remember the American Jobs Act of 2011?). Our public sector has been literally in a free fall. And much of those cuts were led by Conservative States. With roads crumbling, and our kids’ class sizes ballooning as teachers are laid off, our states and cities are hurting. If we re-hired our state and local workers, it would not only help to restore our communities, but also add spending revenue that is shared with the private sector. Public investment ultimately leads to private investment… the two are inextricably linked.

But here’s the kicker… we are the shareholders in the government. We pay for those roads and bridges, we pay for our schools, our parks, our sidewalks. And as shareholders in government, we also have a say in how the money is spent, who controls it, and how it progresses. If we don’t like it, we vote our leaders out, and the results change. Government is much more than just waste and excess. Government is us.

For our nation to truly recover, we have to vote for politicians that understand the reality of the situation. If Congress were willing to act, we could create 1 million new jobs this year, and put people to work by making our whole country better. Just imagine our roads and bridges getting repaired, making schools better for all of our kids, and keeping our streets safe with consistent police patrols and firefighters that don’t have to be paid minimum wage. Government jobs are real jobs… and it’s high time someone stood up and started defending them.

Disappointing Jobs Numbers: For once, Reince is right

Well there you have it folks. For the first time in many months, the US unemployment rate has climbed up to 8.2%. The net gain of the US economy was a measly 69,000 jobs during May. April’s job numbers were also revised downward. UGH.

For once, I have to agree with RNC Chairman Reince Priebus… No sense in demonizing the guy when he’s correct…

I couldn’t have said it better myself. A plurality of Obama’s jobs policies “simply are not working.” Funny thing about jobs policies though… they require a little something called ACTION, preferably by the Congress. The President can make plans, give speeches, and greet workers all he wants, but the true weight of the govenrnment lies in how Congress makes laws and applies financial resources of the United States.

If the Obama policies had been carried out, then we would be investing in our nation. All those bad roads and dangerous freeways that you drive on? President Obama’s policies would hire workers to fix them. Difficulties in our public schools? President Obama’s policies would hire more teachers and support staff to help our kids and make our schools better. Tired of having debit or credit card fraud? President Obama’s policies would empower agencies to protect consumers from an ever-growing crisis of electronic theft. Obama wants to create jobs, and he’s put for initiatives to do so since his first day in office. But Congressional Republicans have cried, whined, screamed and threw temper tantrums to stop his policies in their tracks. Yet now, they’re blaming HIM for the meager Recovery. As Steve Benen so eloquently points out, had the American Jobs Act been passed back in 2011, 1.3 million more people would be employed today. President Obama gave a rousing speech, only to have it killed by Congress. House Speaker John Boehner didn’t even bring the bill up for a vote, and it was filibustered by Senate Republicans.

Just so we’re clear, here’s a reminder of President Obama’s policies…

Mitt Romney loves to talk about “job creators”, it’s really one of his favorite phrases to cite. Though it’s odd to me that he NEVER mentions the nation’s largest job creator: the Government. Tens of millions of people work for federal, state and local government agencies. The government isn’t some evil villian just lurking around the corner to ciphon your money. It’s YOUR schools, YOUR policeman, YOUR firefighters, YOUR roads and bridges… I could go on and on. Yet Republicans have waged a war on the same government that they in fact work for. If they had their way, the government would slice and dice millions of jobs. According to the Economic Policy Institute, if the Ryan budget is enacted, it would eliminate 4.1 million jobs by 2014. If the current GOP plans go into place, it would be nothing more than economic genocide to our country. Romney’s “solution” to our job woes is to adopt this budget and decimate many American social programs that people depend on today more than ever. One thing is for sure… Democrats continue to lose the messaging war about government employment. If you want more of your friends and neighbors to lose their jobs, that’s what the Ryan budget seeks to do.

It’s easy for the GOP to talk tough when it comes to the economy, but they continue to flee from the truth of the matter. But on this tweet, Mr. Priebus and I do agree… Obama’s policies are not workng because they have not been applied. Think about it this way. You may buy a new treadmill and say “I’m going to get in shape.” You buy it, and put it in your room. But how are you going to get in shape if you don’t ever USE it?