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Houston Dash, NWSL Players Make FAR Less Than Male Counterparts

Houston got to welcome some true sports champions home over the weekend, which is not something this city gets to claim in a regular fashion.

Fresh off of their astonishing win of the 2015 World Cup, blazing media and press victory tour, and even full-blown ticker- tape parade down New York City’s infamous Canyon of Heroes, Houston Dash players Meghan Klingenberg, Morgan Brian and Carli Lloyd rooted on their teammates to face the Chicago Red Stars.  And even with Chicago besting H-Town in Sunday’s game, it can still be counted as a “win” for the Dash, as they garnered record attendance at BBVA Compass Stadium.

But even as the whole nation celebrates a well-deserving championship team, the National Women’s Soccer League continues to endure blatant inequality.  While their male counterparts in the MLS (Major Leage Soccer) receive average salaries well in excess of 6 figures, NWSL players are lucky to earn a living wage, with some paid as little as $6,000/yr. Shocking as it seems, these numbers are not made up.  Women playing professional sports and doing every bit of the same work as men (let’s be honestmore work given that they likely have full-time jobs just to support their passion for the game, and other life needs) are literally being paid pennies on the dollar.  And need we be reminded that men’s soccer in the United States has yet to produce a World Cup championship team?

In terms of information specific to Houston, Texas Leftist could not locate published salary figures for the Dash at press time.  But as of 2013, here are the salaries for Houston Dynamo players.

After all of the focus during the Obama Presidency on equal pay for equal work, it almost doesn’t seem possible that this disparity could go unnoticed by the rapidly-growing community of US Soccer fans.  It may be true that players are doing what they do “for the love of the game” but their hard work deserves the same respect and financial security as the MLS.  So as we continue to celebrate an incredible victory for Team USA on the world stage, let’s be mindful of the battles that still need to be fought at home.

#DashOn #EqualPayForEqualWork

Houston Dash



(photo credit:  BBVA Compass Stadium)

The ABCs of the GOP: T is for TRUMP and friends

If you followed the blog closely during the height of our last Presidential race, you may recall my extensive series about the state of the Republican Party– The ABCs of the GOP.  The series was an attempt to catalog just how far party leaders have strayed from what they professed as their essential ideals for the country.  This was of course back in 2012, and when all with that election was said and done, President Obama had a decisive victory in part because of the many internal problems on the other side.

But after everything that Republicans went through in 2012, it doesn’t seem that the party has learned any valuable lessons.  Bolstered by huge victories in 2014 (co-sponsored by all those people that didn’t care enough to vote), it appears that the GOP is preparing to venture down the same rabbit holes which cemented its downfall 4 years ago.

And the guy leading the way to that rabbit hole??  It’s none other than Billionaire media harlot Donald Trump.  As one can imagine, Democrats are enjoying every minute of the chaos, even giving Republicans a new nickname.  Here’s more from Colin Campbell of Business Insider

The national Democratic Party released a new video Thursday that connects the entire Republican presidential field to the immigration remarks made by real-estate magnate Donald Trump.

The Democratic National Committee’s video is titled, “Retrumplican Party.”

The brief clip intersperses some of Trump’s most controversial comments with the other GOP candidates’ own statements against illegal immigration.

“Trump may be running for president,” the video concludes, “but his ideas are running the party.”

The video immediately spread like wildfire among political pundits, and “Retrumplican Party” started trending nation-wide on Twitter.

Of course we know that all Republican leaders do not agree with Donald Trump, and many of the more sensible ones have come out in direct opposition to his heinous comments.  But now for the third week in a row, the top message being conveyed from Republicans is directly from Donald Trump.

Only this week have we finally got a close second from 2016 front-runner Jeb Bush.  Mr. Bush, who was born to a life of exceptional privilege and is the son and brother of two presidents, thinks the rest of us should be working longer hours to help improve the United States economy.  Sheesh!!

But in any event, the point remains.  Once again, Republicans can’t seem to learn from their very recent past.  As long as the Party’s “big tent” is controlled by a ravenous coalition of Primary voters, it’s going to be difficult to ‘Dump the Trump’.  For the sake of our entire political system, let’ s hope that reason prevails this election cycle.


On This Independence Day

On this Independence Day, the great experiment of the Democratic Republic goes on. And in the wake of recent historic decisions by our nation’s Supreme Court, this holiday has a particular tinge of patriotism for those in the LGBT community, and those who support them.

For others, evaluation of the “more perfect union” is still very much up for debate. As an American people, we still have many issues to tackle small and great.  But for today, let us be reminded of what makes America great… that centuries-long struggle to improve.

Happy 239th to the United States of America!!