Obama vs. Romney: The Internet campaigns

One thing that we sometimes forget about Mitt Romney… he’s actually been campaigning for the Presidency longer than Barack Obama has. Obama announced his candidacy on February 10th 2007, while Romney announced his 2008 campaign just 3 days later on February 13th 2007. Sure, Romney then withdrew from the race, while Obama went on to win, but the intention has always been clear.

Given this incredibly long game, it’s still quite surprising to me that Mitt Romney is so far behind Barack Obama in the numbers. I’m not talking poll numbers… but internet forces.

As of today, October 9th, here’s where the two campaigns stand…

Twitter Followers–

Romney: 1,334,802 Obama: 20,717,400

Facebook pages–

Romney: 8,735,870 Obama: 30,634,455

YouTube page subscribers–

Romney: 22,852 Obama: 237,120

YouTube video views–

Romney: 25,796,758 Obama: 240,764,291

And this is almost one full week after the first debate. It lets you know that debates are definitely more important for the challenger than they are the incumbent. But to Obama’s credit… his campaign has a much larger audience at any time day or night.

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